Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratitude... part 2

Yesterday we had family pictures taken...
Now, this usually is the day from HELL!
I think as my kids get older... they become a little easier.
The photo shoot (sounds oh so professional) went really well...
it took 2 hours and there was very little wailing and gnashing of teeth.
We went to Saltair...
It is an amazing place... kindof urban and graffiti-ish in one place and cool architecture in the other. There is a old rusted out trolley... AMAZING!
Loved it!
I especially loved this pic that I took... (not so professional)
of my boys.
I would hate to be Meg's first date!
Mitch was quite taken with the artistic ability of this scene...

Jackson the gangster...

Meggie was quite the sassafras! She had a pose a minute...
She really could work it!

I am so excited to get the real pictures.
Amy Chamberlain is the photographer EXTRAORDINAIRE!
I am grateful my family cooperated!
That is no small feat!