Monday, March 17, 2008

History Anyone?...The Tudors!

Okay...get ready for the nerd alert! Hi my name is Amy and I am a history major...(Hi Amy)I have always been fascinated with European History... I think it is because it is actually worse than any soap opera known to man. I read The Other Boleyn Girl and got hooked on the whole king Henry VIII thing. I used to teach it when my English classes would read Romeo and Juliet, but I liked my job so I left out the whole S-E-X aspect. Anywho... I watched an episode or two of The Tudors and after reading The Other Boleyn Girl I rented it again and watched the whole first season. HELLO! It is awesome! I loved the book and the movie of TOBG... but this series is so indepth... it is a little naughty- just so you're warned, but I love it. Season 2 is airing on April 30th... I can't wait! I also heard that it is on On Demand- this is a rated PG way to watch it. Jonathan Rhys Meyer is King Henry VIII and he is great! Katherine of Aragon is so good in The Tudors... I couldn't get past her mole in TOBG movie. I wanted to confess to a guilty little pleasure of mine... Smutty English History on Showtime! If any of you have read The Other Boleyn Girl, are interested in King Henry VIII and his 6 wives, or just like a good old fashioned real life soap opera I highly recommend renting this and watching it. But, be careful... this is not for a FHE movie night.


Mindi said...

now THAT'S what i'm talking about!! but i think i am gonna watch it with all the kiddies for fhe--hey, it's educational, right?
i told russ that the tudors is my next purchase from amazon. when you rent it, how long can you keep it?