Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Sad Day...

I am so sad! On Monday my Grandpa Garth died. It was for the best, because he has suffered with Parkinson's Disease... I was quite close to him so I have really reflected on what he meant to me... Here is a list of things I learned from him...
* You can never go too fast on a snowmobile.
* It is good to be a hard worker
* Too much candy is not a bad thing.
* Be smart with your, save, save!
* It is possible to stop in every town from Cedar City to Salt Lake City for treats... even ice cream.
* Pay your own way and be generous to others.
* The Utah Jazz are the best team in the whole wide world.
* Be kind... don't say bad things about others.
* A pocket knife IS an everyday accessory.
* Be an honest person.
* Teasing is a talent... practice makes perfect.
* Follow the Gospel...gain a testimony and stand for what is right.
* Family is everything! Gapping generations is so important.
* Being placed on top of the fridge and left for a few minutes is a fun game.
* Don't be something you're humble and just a "normal" person.
* Have a positive outlook on life, smile, laugh, and tease someone everyday!
* Endure to the end!


kourtney said...

I'm sorry Amy. Hope that you are doing well.

simply kris said...
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simply kris said...

Amy-how lucky you were to be taught so many important things! What a fun grandpa you had! Lucky you to be so blessed. Take care, Kris

the glendenning family said...

Amy that has made me so sad I loved your comments I remember all the fast snowmobile rides, the funny comments etc. I loved him and will really miss his cute smile.

Mindi said...

i have special love for anyone who will stop in every town to get treats--oh garth, you sweet little man. i am glad he went easily--i hear you are speaking at his funeral and that will be the best tribute to your grandpa that you could ever do--love you babe!

mrsstevekemp said...

My user name comes directly from Constance(Mrs. Garth Nelson). I feel privileged to have known him. He was a funny, good man. I know you will do great Sat., but good luck I always get a little nervous for anyone speaking. You are very blessed to belong to such a great family- love you!