Monday, March 24, 2008

There is no place like home...

There is no place like home! From beginning to end in the past two weeks I have only been home for approx. 72 hours! ( only 24 or so consecutive) Yikes- no wonder my laundry room looks as if a bomb has hit it.

I am so glad to be home! There were a few benefits to being stranded in the greatest Spring city in Utah with only winter/funeral clothes. I got to...

* Buy some new clothes so I didn't look like Winter Storm Watch
( see Mindi's unhealthy purchasing 101 - item #2)

* Buy Meggie some new clothes... that means shop a little ( or alot)
* Spend a great afternoon with my St. George Babes... Cafe Rio and a movie ROCKED!
* Stay up late laughing with my mom... and believe me, she is funy!

* Go on "THE" daily Coke run with my crazy sisters

* Have a fun cousin day at the pool

* Laugh and laugh and laugh with my sisters - Jody, Brandy, & Mindy

* See my darling nieces and nephews

* Hang with the inlaws
* Eat treats and drink alot of diet Pepsi... ( sorry, Trainer Troy @ Boot Camp)

* Enjoy Spring for 4 extra days

All that said... it was a great time had by all...but I am not leaving my house for a while!


Mindi said...

what's not to love about that? i'm glad i got to chillax with you.