Friday, June 20, 2008

I am now part of a Tag Team...

Wrestling? No, Blog tags... both Mindi and Holly tagged me so here it goes... THis is how you play- 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/ collections, 3 surprise facts about your & then 5 people you want to tag!
1. My family ( my man, my boys, and my girl)
2.Having fun & laughing until my stomach hurts.
3. Throwing a fabulous party with fun friends!
1. A tragedy in my family
2. Kidnappers
3. Bats...(yes bats and it has stemmed from a childhood fear of them getting in my hair)
1. Create a scheduled and productive life.
2. To keep the butt I worked off...OFF.
3. To have a happy home.
1. Aprons...( making them, giving them, wearing them, online searaching them, etc..etc...etc...)
2. Dishes...Dishes...Dishes! I'd love to eat off a new every night for a month!
3. MAC make-up! (especially fake eye-lashes...LOVE THEM!)
1. I have never ordered or eaten a steak at a restaurant.
2. I would love to work at a mortuary.
3. In High School I had a huge crush on Caylor thought anyone that dated him was so lucky... and I was lucky enough to marry him. ( okay 10 out of 10 on the cheese-o-meter)
1. Chalyce
2. Tammy
3. Tanja
4. Devri
5. Angie


Holly said...

You've really never ordered a steak? Really? BTW... did I mention that I LOVE my apron? :)

Collette said...

So could you please get a job at the Mac counter- I really need a discount. And my latest eyelashes, not so good on me-a little too divaish! No steak? What is with that?

Michael said...

You sure ended up with a fine piece of meat for never having ordered steak!

Tanja said...

A mortuary, really?!? I think that would go under my list of fears!

No Steak? Wow, really-??

tammy said...

Are you serious about the mortuary? I love that you're obsessed with aprons, how else would I be getting one? And I want to see pics of all the dishes. I need to follow that obsession. I kind of have the mindset that since they're not broken, I can't buy any more. I need to get over that. And cheesy or not, I love that you married your highschool crush.

Mindi said...

i thought that you ate a big piece of meat every night.......

(please go get caylor so he can read this. NOW.)

Michael said...

I am sorry that some people can't keep the comments pg. I am going to have to stop lurking at your blog.

Holly said...

Oh yeah, I la, la, la, LOVE Mac make-up too. Haven't tried the eyelashes yet though.

The Patrona said...

I always you knew our mutual love for mortuary's is what's made us bosom buddies. Next time you want to get all dive like with your MAC, let Hannie, Liv or I know. We get 40% off.

MiaKatia said...

Wow that steak thing kind of surprises me too. And I think it is sweet that you got the guy!

devri said...

Steak, ummm- is is cuz you don't likey, hey already tagged by Holly but thanks for carin', go take a look..

Angie said... like dishes??? I just don't believe you!! Haha!! You're a total fruit cake about them and I love it! How many have you purchased since moving from here? 5? 10?

Fried Eggs said...

You have such a wonderful blogg...I'm so happy I stumbled across it. Your children are so beautiful so I am guessing that you are too!! I will be sure to add this to my favorites.
--Texas Blonde