Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It IS all about me...

In anticipation of my 100th post tomorrow ( I know all 3 of you have been just on pins and needles) I copied a few little ideas from some bloggin' babes that have it all together...Tanja & Tammy. Here they are are... the first is a little tag called ...I am. Next I am going to give you all summer according to me... so get ready- Here we go!

I am: usually a happy person.

I need: stop...enjoy... and cherish each moment- my kids are growing fast!

I know: that I am a very lucky person and have so much to be thankful for...but sometimes I just want more!

I want: to be a person people like to be around

I have: a great family... immediate and extended

I wish: I was a better mom

I hate: olives, fish, laundry, weeds, and being on a budget

I miss: my friends that live in other places!

I fear: disasters and not being prepared

I feel: very blessed

I hear: My kids playing video games

I smell: a clean house

I crave: Ice cream sandwiches, fun, & diet pepsi

I search: for good books to read

I wonder: how I got so lucky to be married to my man.

I regret: very few things

I love: going on vacation with my man, laughing until my stomach hurts, & shopping

I care: too much about what others think

I always: talk to my mom and sisters on the phone each morning.

I am not: skinny or in shape.

I believe: I am addicted to shopping and decorating

I hope: I’m a good Mom

I dance: not near as much as I would like.

I sing: only in my dreams

I don't always: eat right, keep up on my laundry, do the right thing

I fight: too much with my oldest son...he is a teenager! I can't let go!

I write: lists and then get to scatter-brained to follow them.

I lose: my temper, my mind, and money...ALOT!

I win: NOTHING...ever!

I never: want to be a mean person

I listen: to many kids of music... but loud music makes me crazy!

I can usually be found:Having a good time!

I am scared: of snakes

I need: Alot of help in a lot of different areas!

Summer... According to ME!
The warm sun, hot car, cold pool, cool summer nights, soft pedicured feet
Freshly cut grass, Bar-b-que, Suntan oil, chlorine, fresh flowers, summer rain
Fresh fruit, Popsicles, sunflower seeds, cotton candy, corn on the cob
Lawnmowers, kids playing, fireworks, laughing, too much TV
Fireworks, tan lines, beautiful flowers, green, bright colored clothes, friends and family


Mindi said...

i thought you craved "mindi's company"--i think you forgot to list that.

good list--90 percent could have been my answers.

did you go to the dr?

Vanessa said...

Glad to see some honesty. I too care about what others think. . .prob too much and I hate the dreaded laundry!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how we could hang out! I can envision a group of us all getting together and having the best time ever!! ;)

Andrea W. said...

Love it, Amy. I'm right there with you on a lot of your list

Suka and Brittany said...

that is awesome!! when you said laughing til it hurts- it made me think how (not to sound all serious here) but sometimes i kind of lose that you know? with stressed and life and all the stuff ya deal with all the time. and i'll realize i haven't laughed like that in a while. it's different now than when i was younger and single... i used to laugh like that every day and now i feel like sometimes i have to work on that. Sorry i got all "real world" on ya there. that just came in my head as i was reading... anyway, on to a happier note...

tammy said...

Wow...we do have a lot in common. I'm so sad I'll be missing the party you're throwing in my honor. Take lots of pics and say my name often so I'll feel like I was there.

rachel said...

I loved reading that and learning more about you....

Holly H. said...

I love this post! It makes me love you even more than I already did?

devri said...

Oh crap- nothing like a family of 9 to have a happy blogabration ruined. My baby has high fever, took to doctor, has strep throat sp? So, now that I am the biggist loser times 2, you can tell everyone that in order to win their love for me, I was going to give you all a mix island cd, but now that I can't go, tell them to get on my blog, give their email so I can mail them theres... Please, Please Please.... I have a 100 blogapresent for you too, but I will give it to you Later, give me add in a email.

devri said...

btw- love this post.

Amy said...

unfortunately... I have to agree with Brittany... I am sad that I don't "belly roll" often enough. Before real life hit... I think that is how I had a nice toned belly.... laughing. I appreciate Brittany's "real world" minute... let's all try to laugh till it hurts sometime in the next 24 hours!

samiam said...

Good list. Nice to know more about you!

Collette said...

great list-love it. i am so excited for tomorrow!

The Patrona said...

Given your cravings, I'll be bringing FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwiches, tomorrow. It's payback for that damn Village Baker!

Misty said...

This post is so great. Happy 100. I can't believe that this is only your 100th - you blog like you're on your 1000th. I am sure my sis told you that I wanted to come today, but couldn't get out of work, so maybe the next get-together will be at night again. Take care!

Angie said...

Cute post! It was fun to see what you think about yourself!

devri said...

Holy Crap girlfriend, It was so great to hear an actual voice along with this bloggin star. I do need to appologize, my phone died, and I can't find my cell phone. Sorry I hope you will forgive me....? I will send your package this weekend.. I was so nervous to call you, and then the unthinkable had to happen, only to me, only to me.... sheeesh!!!

The Knight Family said...

How fun to find out all that stuff about you. You have inspired me to try to write more stuff about myself on my blog and at least have a picture of myself on the blog.......I didn't know there wasn't one.....I guess it's always me taking the pictures!

Deanna said...

Hi, remember me, Tonia's Mom-in-law. I love your blog and your party must have been a hoot. Hopefully I'll see you sometime when we come down that way.