Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Day To My Man!

DON"T LAUGH... This is one of my very most favorite photos EVER! Today is Caylor's birthday! He doesn't even read my blog...but it is a type of journaling, right! I am documenting our lives! Isn't his birth date cool? Next year it will be 09-09-09. We are really going to party then... Here are a few things I love about him!

* He is so dang funny... he makes me laugh EVERYDAY!

* He is a great husband- the love of my life.

* He is such a good dad- The kids love him so much and he does so much for them!

* He is so handsome!

* He is a hard worker and sacrifices so much for our family!

* He is kind.

* He is clean- I am sometimes the piggie in this relationship- I saved him from being a very fussy bachelor.

* He is a good leader- whatever the situation he can take charge and get things done.

* He is spiritual and wants what is best for our family.

* He is a good time... sometimes seems like the mild mannered business man, but he can still cut loose and be the life of the party!

* He is a good friend... His best friend is still the same guy from High School.

* He treats me so good... I am spoiled..if you don't believe me, just call my mom and grandma!

* He is good at his job- I love to watch him at work... he has a natural charm and charisma.

* He is level headed when I tend to be a little flighty... In other words- " He completes me"

* He is my best friend... I would rather be with him than anyone else...EVER!
* He is just the best dang thing that ever happened to me and I am glad he is my man!
Happy Birthday Caylor... You are the best!


Brittany said...

you guys have great photos together! ...okay that comment sounded kind of weird. sorry.

tammy said...

You guys make one smokin' hot couple. Happy birthday to your man! I think I'd keep him if I were you.

Angie said...

You failed to mention that he loves to drag friends to Way Low CLass movie theatres to watch what he considered weird but funny!

He is a hoot and he does foster you with tender loving care!

Anonymous said...

What cute pics and a nice tribute to your man. Happy B-day.

whitney said...

I love how you do thoes pics all grouped together. how do ya do it?

Collette said...

happy day caylor!

Kami said...

HBD To your Man. What a cool name!

Shanz said...

I love that Sadies picture of the two of you. You are like the cool couple at school! Happy Birthday Caylor!

Vanessa said...

I LOVE your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and he is cute, too!)

devri said...

To add to brittany- you also have great children together too ;)

Anonymous said...

HB Caylor...sounds like you have a great guy and you deserve it!

Sweet post, enjoy your night!

Mindi said...

hb to your gorgeous man caylor---he looks very exotic. what nationality is he?

love, the only person to tangle with him and survive to tell the story.

we love you caylor!!!

Over The Tipsy Top Design said...

Caylor, Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you didn't have to use your snow balls!! You really are a Big Hunk!! Love ya, Tonia

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Caylor!!!
Hope you had a great trip to Southern Utah. Amy told me about all of your plans for the day, I know you will have a fun Birthday.
Wish we were still in the same city to celebrate with you.

MiaKatia said...

Happy Birthday to your honey!

kourtney said...

And the best part is, you didn't have to plan anything. Lucky you, unlucky Caylor!

kourtney said...

BTW, that was from Kris and Kourtney

Holly H. said...

Awww... what a great tribute to that boy you married! Happy Birthday Caylor!

I miss you too Amy! Just been busy, I'll be back at the blogging scene soon. Let's get together for lunch. Maybe next week?

Misty said...

So cute - he sounds like a great guy!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

How neat. This is so sweet. Sounds like you have a great man!

AnneMarie said...

You can tell you two have such a wonderful relationship!! Jenni and I have talked about what an inpiration you two are for us.