Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

Well...this is truly the time to stop and reflect on all the things I have to be thankful for... Here are just a few!

1. A steady income- During this time of economic upheaval, I am so glad that my man has a steady job and a steady paycheck. I know of so many people that the economy is knocking down... I am saddened by this. I am so thankful for Caylor's job and the wonderful company that he works for.

2. My health- I am going for the generic thankful list this week it seems. But I am so glad that I am healthy- as is my family. Even though I sure do complain that this old body of mine doesn't look quite like I would really like it to... I need to stop the madness and just be glad it is fairly health... Maybe if I would go work out it could be really healthy.

3. My Family- Not only do I have a great little family that is my own... I also have a great extended family. I love all of my family so much and can't wait to hang for the holidays with them.

4. Jackson- My sweet little boy Jacks has had some hard times lately and I am so thankful for him and the darling little man that he is. I am so proud of him in the way he just charges into a problem and works it out. I am so excited about of all the great things he is doing right now and all the positive changes going on. He is the best!

5. THANKSGIVING- Need I say more? Pie, Family, Fun! I love to be with my family and just "BE". Thanksgiving is my fav because it is just mellow and fun. We are going to be at a cabin... not the whole fam dam... just a small gathering of goofs. I am really excited to head South to meet my new little Briggs. I know he has been missin' me... I have been missin' him for sure!

6. My friend, Tonia- Tonia is totally bailing me out today... I have a huge dilemma in the shape of a Christmas Tree that she is going to help me tame. I have been so busy this week I haven't gotten a chance to do it and she is coming to aid and assist. YEAH! It pays to have the ultimate decorating friend feel sorry for you.

7. Twilight Party- I am glad that Chal hooked my up with the ultimate Twilight party. We are all trekking down to Jordon Commons to participate in Private Design's Twilight bash of all bashes. Tonia is bringing down the Twilight glitter cup and we are all going to have a ball. I have read the books ( quickly... on the day they come out) but am not super obsessed with Edward & Bella & Co.- I am more interested in a fun night out with some fun friends. We'll see how much fun it is when we are asleep by the time the movie starts at midnight... I think I am too old for this! MORE INFO AND PHOTOS LATER...
There are many more things I am Thankful for... tonight I am just too tired to write more down.


tammy said...

Great list. I'm so thankful for my hubby's employment too. Scary times. That is so sweet about Jackson, and what a great quality for him to have. I know you will post pics of your tree when it's done, right?

Angie said...

I thought you had the tree thing covered? Oh ye of little faith! You have enough talent on your own to decorate the whole festival of tress!

Have fun at twilight! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Sorry, I'm not a fan. Depending on the Fandango ratings and blogging ratings I might take the troops, we'll see!

Great list!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous list Amy! Steady employment is a great thing and I am glad that you are getting to spend some time with him and also to meet little Briggs.

I too, would like to see pictures of the tree!

Getting a cabin over the holiday sounds like such a great time and there's nothing better than hanging out to "be" in the moment!

I still have a little soething for you as soon as I get five extra minutes it's going to the post office!

devri said...

I am thankful for all you to have jobs. This is a crazy time, and unfortunatly my family is out of jobs right now.. but don't you worry about us, we are fine, and because of our trials we go closer to the Lord and I grow closer to my hubby... ;0)

Sorry not a Twilight fan, but you go scream your heart out...

I am thnkful for you and Tanja

you both save my undecorating skills day.

Tiburon said...

Love your list.

Hooray for a good job and good friends!

I can't wait to see Twilight - IN THREE FREAKING WEEKS!!! (Off to throw a hissyfit now....)

Mindi said...

i'm jealous of the twilight party. i should be up there.


those really are wonderful things to be thankful for :)


Byron said...

Amy, I was down at my parents this last Saturday, and your Mom came by to drop off a sewing machine. It was good to see her. It is fun to see your blog and see what you are up too.

simply kris said...

I was thankful last Thursday for Channel 2, Training Table and the Late Show. Not to mention, deli's, street vendors, a hotty bellman and just enough kaching to pay for the Subway! xxoo, kris