Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh... what do you do in the summertime?

When I was little one of my favorite songs to sing in primary was
"Oh... what do you do in the summertime"
This past week we all had a taste of my childhood...we played in the pool!
Growing up in St. George (with its 110 degree days) summertime meant swimming...EVERYDAY!
We didn't have a pool in our backyard then , but we would go to the Bloomington Country Club pool!
We would load up with our cousins, the Trumans...take a cooler of treats, get our nose plugs that looked like silly putty and head out!
I can't really remember that sunscreen was the top priority it is now... so we all got VERY TAN!
Sometimes for a really great treat we would all head up to Veyo pool.
Anyone that is a St. Georgeite has been to Veyo pool...
the corn dogs, cherry 7-ups.. and the wall of chewed gum... and the sign that said " welcome to our ool, notice there is no "P" in it...please keep it that way"...ahhh memories!
My favorite was when my dad would come swimming with us!
He would chuck us and let us dive off his shoulders he was the biggest kid in the pool.
As I got to be a teenager... Las Palmas was THE summer hang out.
My family bought a membership and we were there EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
I would go with my friends, but I had to take my little sisters and brother with me. We would be there from about 11:00 am to about 4:00 pm... one time we took one of Brock's friends... one of Brock's blonde- blue eyed, fair skinned friend. I wasn't very responsible with the sun screen. When it was time to go he was laying on the lawn chair with the towel wrapped around his sunburned eyes and face....OOPS!
I later taught that kid in high school and on the first day I reminded him about almost killing him... He could remember...YIKES!
There were diving boards, hot guys, fun music, and so many fun times. We ruled the world!
This past week we were in St. George and swam every single day. My 78 year old grandma even came down from Cedar City to sun and float in the sun. One day my dad came home for lunch and ended up swimming with all of the grandkids. He had them laughing and crying all at once... just like old times.
We had good treats, lots of cool drinks, & popsicles by the dozens... and this time the kids had sunscreen check every 30 minutes!
I was taken back in time... but, this go around I didn't look so hot in a swimsuit!


MiaKatia said...

I still hate wearing sunscreen, but I feel like I must as some sort of responsible adult ;) Sounds like a wonderful week in SG.

Kendra said...

You nailed it with the st. george memories - wasn't las palmas the bomb???

M-Cat said...

SOunds like a childhood summer of FUN. We used to ride our bikes to the pool every day and nope, sunscreen wasn't even invented then! It was coppertone tanning lotion. Yes, that is how old I am.
And when we burned, we rubbed Noxema on it. No wonder we are horribly sundamaged : )

Mandi said...

I love summertime memories! I was like that light complected child you referred to earlier, but I just struggled with the sunburn and kept on swimming. I am freckled like crazy now due to all that sun. Too bad they didn't make aerosol sunblock back then. I love that stuff!

Vanessa said...

I'm just glad to hear you are still alive and well...and glad to see you blogged :)

Brandy said...

sister I want those pictures....so cute!

tammy said...

My favorite thing to do in summer is hang out in the pool. I love the sign with the missing 'P'. I was just thinking I need a cute sign our by our pool and that would be perfect! Thanks, you've been so helpful today.

Oh, and my parents have a condo at Las Palmas. Wonder if we were there at the same time and didn't even know it?

Da Bergs said...

I LOVE WATER. The pool... the beach... looks like ya'll had tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

What good times! I was thinking about that today as we were hanging out at the lake. Childhood memories are the best!

tiburon said...

I am jealous. Very jealous.

Kado! said...

that sign on the Pool cracks me up!! I've never heard that before!!!!

How fun!