Friday, October 2, 2009

Fabulous Fall Friday

With the weather FINALLY cooperating, Fall is all about Cozy!
There is nothing better than a yummy warm drink and a good book...
Here are a few suggestions...
Wassail is such a warm yummy Fall/ Holiday tradition! Here is how I make it...
1 gallon apples juice
1 cup orange juice
3/4 cup lemon juiced
2 cups sugar
15 cinnamon sticks
20 whole cloves
15 whole allspice berries
( if you want it to appear a little redish... throw in 10-20 cinnamon red hots)
Bring to a boil and then simmer. Strain all the spices out and serve with a cinnamon stick. Any extra can be saved in a pitcher ( or the apples juice container) in the fridge to warm up in the microwave upon demand.
To go along with your yummy warm drink... Here is a book I just read that is a fun easy read that helped usher in the Fall/Halloween spirit...
This book is a book about a girl who is working on her Doctorate in History and finds an amazing primary resource in her own family. This book mixes modern time with a few flashbacks of Salem and the witch trials. Reading this really made me want to take an Autumn tour of New England. This is a good book, especially for this time of year.

This book, The Help, has become one of my new favorites! The characters are so charming and real... I felt like I had met new friends. Skeeter is a newly graduate of Ole Miss... she returns home to the lives of her friends and their families and realizes she doesn't have the same goals, ambitions, and attitudes that most everyone has. It is 1962 Jackson Mississippi. She teams up with two bllck maids, Abileen and Minny, to write a book about black women working for white families. It is a book that could get them all killed if they are found out. SUCH A GREAT READ! I am not going to say anything else about this book...except... READ IT!
Make yourself a hot drink, grab a good book and let your laundry go for a day!
It is fall... relax... soon it will be the hectic Christmas season.


M-Cat said...

I wish I loved fall like you do.
But that picture at the top? Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so going to make that recipe this weekend, maybe even pack it up in a thermos as we head up to the mountains on our 'color cruise' {taking in the view of the foliage changing}. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Kado! said...

can't wait to try that recipe! thanks! Yummy!

tammy said...

I love Wassail too. Not cold enough here yet, so I just burn a candle for the yummy smell.

Suzie said...

I love this post.
and I wish someone would make me some wassail and while their at it hold my book while I read.

Mandi Shandi said...

Thanks for the recipe for the apple cider. I will be using that this week. Aren't you so glad fall is here? I love this time of year!

tiburon said...

I heart fall.

And I miss you.

Pedaling said...

my friend just loaned this book to me.
i'm looking forward to reading it.