Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

Things I am so thankful for...
This weekend is my very most favorite of the year!
October 1st...
The weather is finally going to cooperate... hello boots and jeans!
Fall is officially here... no more Indian Summer September!
Mitch's team is having a pretty good season... 6-1!
Conference weekend... can you say pjs on Sunday!
Viv and Connie are coming to party!
Did I mention that it is October 1st?
Hip Hip Hooray!
If I were German and liked beer I would be drinking ALOT!
But, I don't and I'm not so....
I will do fun fall projects,
go to some pumpkins patches,
watch the colors change,
cook some good food,
plan a fun witch's party,
During this most glorious time of year I am even going to try to be consistent with my blog and do my Fabulous Fall Fridays!
So tune in Tomorrow and I will try to pass on some little fabulous nugget of fallery!
( I just made that word up....)


Lindsey said...

Amy I want to be you if even for just one day...
Love ur blog.

Chanda said...

I'm with ya - SOOOO excited it's finally October.

Kado! said...

♥ the made up word...perfect! I love Fall too! the weather is perfect for baking and eating yummy food! Yeah!

tammy said...

I love me some pajama church.

And I will be looking forward to your fallery tips on Fridays!

Martha H. said...

I love the made up word. It made me giggle.

tiburon said...

October is the best month ever.