Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holidays in Hand... December 2nd

Here is my 2nd day of December...
I LOVED this prompt... what it made me think of, remember & strive to do.
I took away the idea of having a welcoming, warm home...
This is what I did...
I remembered how my home growing up was always the place to be...
My mom made it very comfortable for everyone.
There was always fun going on and treats to be had!
The best part of this prompt was the article Welcome Home...For the Holidays
It was such an amazing article that really put a few things into perspective for me.
I am one that likes beautiful Christmas decorations and my house to be totally trigged, but this article showed that you don't have to have everything perfect to have a warm and welcoming home... in fact, it is just the opposite... If it is a welcoming place to be...everything seems to be perfect.
For my project or what I "did"... I focused on a project that I had been wanting to do-
A garland for my front door.
I figured something beautiful would make my home seem more welcoming.
( and I just wanted to get it done and checked off the list...whatever- it worked out)
I changed things up a little... my photo isn't of something necessarily warm...but hopefully something inviting and welcoming.
I have loved that this little project has given new perspective on the Holidays.


The Garden of Egan said...

I love your wreath! I'll have to go read the article.
Love your "scrapbook" pages, those are so cute.

Love your blog!

Cassie said...

Love the garland, it's just beautiful! If you do have the prompts I would LOVE to have them. I am due Dec. 10, and looking for ANYTHING to keep my mind off how uncomfortable I am, this would be awesome. My e-mail address is Thank you SO much!!

Vanessa said...

Isn't glitter everywhere just the way you like it?

Suzie said...

The garland is beautiful! Is that your front door?
Great ideas, there.

tammy said...

Looks gorgeous!

Tanja said...

I adore the wreath, it's perfect! I am largely in love with bronze this year and am adding it everywhere!

Still a little behind on the whole P365 so that's what I am diligently going to be working on this weekend! Wish me luck.