Monday, June 14, 2010


I must be getting older!
I am headed to the pool and have left the baby oil and the tin foil sun reflector at home.
I am fully covered with sunscreen...
and a cover up!
(Mostly because I don't "work" the bikini like I used to...)
Meggie and I are on vacation!
The boys in our lives are too structured and involved!
I think they are having a vacation from me... and loving it!
We came to St. George to party with Viv and the sisters...
I intend to laugh- ALOT!
We are armed with our floats, lots of diet Pepsi...
many many many funny things to laugh about!
I love summertime at the pool!


Mae Rae said...

oh, enjoy your vaca! I love the old pics.

tammy said...

Love the photos. Hope you're having fun with the girls. I'm headed to Lake Powell tomorrow for some sun worshipping myself.