Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank-you, Thanks-you... A thousand times Thank-you!

Although I did not get the majority of the votes to be the new Studio 5 contributor...
I still feel like a winner!
Thanks to all who voted for me, shouted me out, and basically just encouraged me
to actually enter the contest!
The blogging world is such a great thing...
Thanks for all your support!
I really appreciate it!
I am writing this quick blog post on my prep...
I need to blog longer-
I have got so many things for show and tell...
I need to re-cap SPARK (old news by now)
and show you all my Halloween decorating fun.
I have just got to get this school thing a little more under control.
Where, Oh where are my leisurely days of blogging?
I'll will return.


Vanessa said...

I demand a recount. Every time I checked back on the site, your percentage was the same. It was rigged.

kami @ said...

You would have been awesome! Although who's to say that you won't still be on it lots? You've got an IN! ;)

LegosInMyPocket said...

i really want to subscribe to your blog, its extremly interesting... but i cant figure out how... help?